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TMT / Treadmill / Stress Test

People who are suffering from cardiac stress are often told to go for a TMT Test which is also known as treadmill test or cardiac stress test. When you are undergoing a TMT, it will be recording a 12 lead ECG in a threefold period. One before you use the treadmill, one when you are using the treadmill and lastly, after you are done exercising on the treadmill. This is done to test the latent ischaemia. The threefold test is done to check the condition of your heartbeat in three different stages and whether you have any coronary artery disease.

TMT Test in Hyderabad

A TMT test is done in an enclosed chamber so that other atmospheric factors are not able to create an impact on the test results. At SL Medquest Diagnostics Center, we assure you that if you are having a TMT test, the results will be perfect. You are most welcome to see the equipments we have and you can also talk to our technologists in case you want to know how things are done. This will help you familiarize with the team and also get a brief on the test. Our TMT test cost in Hyderabad is the least of all the other diagnostic centers. Our center is renowned for the high quality services that we provide. If you are looking for a reliable center for TMT test in Hyderabad, then you should come to SL Medquest Diagnostics Center. Our team will help you in every possible way they can.